All Nutrition Beta-Alanine Endurance Max

All Nutrition Beta-Alanine Endurance Max

This is a product based on an amino acid: beta-alanine with an additive of taurine and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 contributes to maintenance of correct energetic metabolism and helps maintain proper psychological functions. This product is intended for athletes of endurance and endurance- strength disciplines.


– Causes an increase of endurance and muscle strength

– Enhances carnosine level in muscles.

– Faster post-workout regeneration.

– Also supports muscle tissue development.


Nutritional Information

Dose 4g  Servings 125  Package 500g

Active components

Amount per serving includes:% RDA

Beta-alanine: 3600 mg

Taurine: 499,3 mg

Vitamin B: 60,7 mg (50%)


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