Any questions?

There maybe a perception that you already need to be fit and be able to lift heavy weights to join Howling Heart Fitness. This could not be further from the truth. We have many members that have come through the door that have not been in a gym in years or have never stepped foot in a gym before and are thriving now.

Everything is personalised to your own level and ability. As your form improves and strength increases then and only then with proper technique does the weight increase, only if that is what you want and is right for you or your goals!

Yes, you can. We provide showers and dressing room facilities at our building. This allows for you to easily get ready before and after the class or the workout, ensuring you always have the privacy that you would have expected.

For the most up to date opening hours please check our timetable.

You will be expected to go through a 3 introductory sessions before you can join any of our main classes.

We are primarily a group training faciality and believe training in a group offers a more enjoyable and sustainable experience. However there is some opportunity to use ‘open gym’ to get that extra bit of cardio, strength or accessory work done and these hours are limited as class will always take priority of the gym floor!

Yes we have access for wheelchair users and can cater for your fitness needs.

Yes, our coaches come with degrees and certification in areas like Exercise & Health Studies, CrossFit, and Weightlifting. We have experienced coaches onboard who have proven expertise in their field.

The price of your membership will depend on the program that you take on. For example, our 3-day package comes at a price of €95/month, 4-day package is €105/month and the Unlimited package – offering unlimited access is €115/month.

Got any other queries? Then do not hesitate to contact the team at Howling Heart Fitness.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy membership at Howling Heart Fitness… and that’s basically the same thing.