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It was a difficult start to the year for training as we have said before but Micheal O’Sullivan still made massive improvements! He did something that wasn’t easy during the lockdown, losing a significant amount of weight.

As a result of this, his gymnastics has increased exponentially. Movements that would have been issues before like box jumps, wall walks and pull-ups/C2Bs are now taken in his stride!

He is very busy with work but would always make sure to get his training in, whether it was a PVC pipe at home or a late-night session in the gym, he would make sure to get it done ✔️

Even though he lost weight, his strength is constantly going up along with his Olympic Weightlifting numbers. Along with all that he is also showing some impressive running stats too 👏 All of this is a result of his consistency in all aspects of fitness!

Micheal has also become a member of staff at Howling Heart and is a great addition. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is well-deserving of the Most Improved Award!!

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