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We had our own virtual awards but we felt our annual award winners needed a bit more spotlight 😋 .

@juanita brennan had a big year, she just has an unbelievable work ethic!! She started off the year never missing a zoom class, then went on to do the CF Open in February with very little access to gym equipment and smashed it, taking on every workout Rx!! She would put herself out there for all comps and put her hand to anything. She does CF comps, Olympic Weightlifting, running and will jump into team sport if needed 😄 She did a CrossFit comp – Powerful Pairs followed by the Cork Open and then shortly after that ran a PB half marathon 🔔🙌

She has unbelievable strict strength, topping the in-house leaderboard with her strict pull-ups. She is also that member that will support and motivate others to finish their workouts or get a PB! She is our most consistent member for the last 3 years in a row. Consistency is one of the biggest factors to accomplishment and success 👊

Juan is well-deserving of our 2021 athlete of the year!!

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